The Fear

As a girl I was taught

a certain fear

of men, of our bodies.

The seemingly endless damage

we can bring to men and their reputations.


As a teenager I was learning

the cold fear

of men, of what my body

can bring a guy to do

and of how much it can damage MY reputation

and how little my feelings mean.


As a woman, I have accepted

the fear, I am fully

aware of what men can do.



That is not to say I have accepted my fate, I am

Not the plaything you can damage and destroy with

A simple touch. I am not a rag doll you can toss

in the trash once you’ve had your way.

Your way is not my choice.


I am more than a being to break.

I have feelings.

I have a strength in the knowledge,

of knowing what can happen,

but still choosing

to stare at you,

and turn the fear

into my armor.


You scared me for years.

I’ll have this strength and this battle armor


For a fucking lifetime.

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