I FINALLY SAW EVANESCENCE AFTER TEN YEARS (and my inner 15 year old self is screaming with happiness)

June 13th, Hammersmith, London. I had just travelled here with three friends to watch Evanescence after ten years of waiting. I am not lying, my inner 15 year old was screaming with excitement! Evanescence were playing in Hammersmith Apollo, a venue I had never been to before.

All I can say about the queue is thank god we joined it when we did, because it was crazy long by the time we were close to the doors! There was such a nice vibe when queing, everyone seemed really excited and there was no hostility or anyone being nasty at all. There was one guy on his own in front of us, who turned to talk to us every now and then, and that in itself gave the evening good vibes.

The atmosphere inside was AMAZING! the whole place was buzzing and as we walked around we could sense everyone’s excitement. We managed to get rather close to the stage considering the number of people there, which I was just amazed by!


The Support Act:


There was only one supporting band, who were Arcane Roots. I’m not going to write a huge amount as I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but they were good to listen to as a supporting band. Despite it not being to my personal taste I didn’t dislike them a huge amount, I thought they were talented.




I can’t remember the order the songs were played in, or all of the songs, but I’ll write about the songs that I recognized and loved.

Evanescence opened up with “Everybody’s Fool” and it was like I was transported back to my teenage years again. I had loved this song at school, especially when the bullying from the girls was getting to me. Every time I had felt low I had listened to this, so for the show to open up with this gave me goosebumps and made me feel 15 again.

“Going under” was the 3rd song on the set list. It was just as dark and glorious as I had hoped it to sound, and another song I had absolutely adored in my teenage years. It’s a song that makes my best friend feel powerful, and I would agree. What an song live. Those bits where Amy isn’t really singing, like’s like a powerful whisper? Even better live.

“Lithium” is just as haunting and beautiful live as it is on the album. Amy’s vocals really stand out live, and although she sounded amazing on every song, this song was one of the ones that gave me shivers as she was singing it. Seeing Amy play the piano on this song was just amazing, it added so much to the feeling inside the venue.

The next song I recognized was “Haunted” and it is another song I had loved. You know when you hear the first 5 seconds and inside you’re saying “AH NO WAY!” This song made me feel like this hearing those first few seconds.

OH. MY. “My Immortal” was the next song I recognized after “Haunted” and instantly recognized it from the first few keys of the piano. It is just indescribable how it made me feel hearing it live. I felt it to be more powerful, expressive and touching live. The room was so so quiet, the only sound was Amy Lee’s vocals and the piano. This song makes me want to cry at the best of times, so hearing it live when I was feeling a little wobbly made me want to weep. I looked at my friends when Amy was singing and THANKFULLY I didn’t catch eye contact with them otherwise that would of been the undoing of me. After the gig we had discussed how close we all were to crying, and how we would of wept if we has caught eye contact with each other. This was probably one of my most favourite songs from that night. It gave me goosebumps, hearing it live meant so so much to me. This song has always meant a lot to me. It’s a song that will always be raw on my emotions.

I think it was sometime between “My Immortal” and “Whisper” the three guys in front of us had turned around, seen how short I am and offered for me to go in front of them, despite being close to my height, which I was thought was so so kind! They even offered to give me a shoulder carry between them, but I had to turn them down! I was wearing a dress and I HATE being shoulder carried. Piggy back is okay, but any other carry is a complete NO GO ZONE. (I was dropped as a kid and had flown a distance, and I think this is the reason I hate it so much.)

“Whisper” is a song I love to badly sing my little heart out to, and I did exactly that with this song! The crowd were rather quiet for this song, I think I a lot of us were still reeling from how amazing “My Immortal” was. I felt this song was the best song to follow up “My Immortal,” it just felt so fitting.

“Call Me When You’re Sober” was the song afterwards and I SQUEALED with excitement. I love that song so much, I listened to it so much when I had a difficult breakup and it made me feel powerful and strong, and not breakdown to the bullshit rumors that were being spread, and the horrible words that were designed to make me feel worthless about myself. You know that bit where her voice goes high and then back down to what it was? It’s glorious live.

Just before “Imaginery” started playing, two lovely girls in front of me noticed me standing behind them, and insisted I stood in front of them because they were taller than me. I was so thankful, everyone that I had met at this gig had been so so kind and considerate. I want to thank those random strangers for being considerate, they really made the gig much more charming for me.

“Bring Me To Life” was the song they played before the encore. Within the first few keys the crowd were roaring, it was the song we had all been waiting for. Hearing this song live was just the best, my inner 15 year old was crying. Amy sung both parts, until the crowd starting singing all of the male vocals back to her, it felt like the whole room was dueting with her and it was simply magical. I literally have no words for what it was like, all I can say that the end note was spine tingling. I have no idea how everyone felt, but I felt that it sounded even better live than it did on the album.

The encore song was “Disappear” and although it was one I haven’t heard before, it it was marvellous to hear it. Those first few notes just grabbed your attention, and it felt like Amy had sung it with such power. Although it wasn’t the song I thought they would end with, I really loved this song being the encore song. It had a strength to it that I really enjoyed.


After the gig, my friends and I all concluded that Evanescence are so so fantastic to see performing, and we all enjoyed them live. I can hand on heart say that we all thought they sounded better live. I don’t know what words can describe it really, they just are indescribable. If you have ever had thoughts about seeing them, I will always tell you to do it and that they are worth the money, and getting home at 2am for.

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