Witch Hunts

Can you see it across today’s headlines,

the daily witch hunt,

the shaming of those,

who dare flash flesh,

gain weight,

go out without make up

those who stand up for themselves,

who dare to be themselves,

not wear what is fashionable,

the headlines burning their skin with printed insults.

Let’s go online

and burn them with words

let’s fight their feelings,

their sexuality, their beliefs

their fashion,

their sense of self

their honesty.

Let’s shame them online

for wanting to be taken seriously

when they’ve taken seductive pictures,

regardless of if it was them posting them,

or if they have been posted in revenge,

shame them for their career choice,

shame them for their fucking gender,

for their sexual preferences.

Let’s mock them for gaining weight

let’s mock them for their slight size

let’s mock them for not eating meat

for wanting to save the world and save the environment,

for dressing in their peculiar fashion.


as outrageous as it sounds,

instead of being swallowed up by the bitterness

the anger and the hate

we could spread light and positivity

share a little love


let people just be

without tearing them apart.

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